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Basic information about the Server

The Server offers a feeling of 7.6 RPG with new graphics, and locations.

Word Type: PVP
Map: Real Tibia 8.0+ Custom
Client: Custom
Hotkey AimBot: Disabled
MC Allowed: Yes (You can login on multiple characters from same account.)
Stamina System: Yes

Protection Level:
Red Skull: 6 Frags
Frag Decrease: 24h
White Skull: 15min

Exp Rates: experience Stages
Skill Rate: 3x
Magic Rate: 2x
Loot Rate: 3x
Spawn Rate: 1x

Vocation Changes:
[3/30/2018] Not listed are 1.0x

Elite Knight:

Melee Damage 1.4x
Defense: 1.5x
Armor: 1.6x

Royal Paladin
Distance Damage: 1.4x
Defense: 1.2x
Armor: 1.2x

Elder Druid:
Souls: 250
Defense: 1.2x
Armor: 1.3x

Poison Storm: New damage formula, adds weak paralyze condition.

Master Sorcerer:
Defense: 1.1x

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