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PZ with skull Ankrahmun
Hi there! There is an possibility to enter firs...
Kosek25416.04.18 07:02:07
by Admin
My dp lost 200k + smalls...
Delux97602.04.18 08:34:50
by Admin
Banuta quest
The Blind Prophet is dont travel my forbidden land...
Delux1110102.04.18 08:07:48
by Admin
Cant buy Burst arrows in shoop
Can you fix trouble with Burst arrows ? we want bu...
Deluxom14302.04.18 07:57:54
by Admin
Giant Spiders
Giant spiders don't walk through their own posion ...
Sheila17828.03.18 04:19:26
by Admin
Cannot Log in ;-;
I just can't log into the game. it shows that it i...
Threon69722.03.18 19:05:26
by Admin
The NPC in Thais doesn't sell backpacks...
Beast16503.03.18 23:19:57
by GM Pyrokhar
23:39 Hairycles: That's bad news. If you lost it, ...
Eli Stormstriker17525.02.18 21:15:06
by Admin
Green djinn
Is workin all normal sry for problems :D...
Eli Stormstriker07824.02.18 07:00:12
by Eli Stormstriker
Devil helmet quest/no mobs
Daenerys Targaryen110223.02.18 08:20:35
by GM Pyrokhar
Dragon Ham
You can eat two dragon ham at the same time instea...
Chmimo17222.02.18 16:38:13
by GM Pyrokhar
Npc Carlin/thais
NPC in dp carlin doesn't react for parcel request....
Daenerys Targaryen28322.02.18 10:38:54
by Admin
Banshee Quest The Queen Of The Banshees dont answ...
Eli Stormstriker26622.02.18 06:43:34
by Eli Stormstriker
Npc oldrak
he doesn't sell holy tible...
Eli Stormstriker17720.02.18 19:33:08
by GM Pyrokhar
NPC Eremo
NPC Eremo doesn't sell Aol, please fix...
Eli Stormstriker17220.02.18 19:24:03
by GM Pyrokhar
exevo con flam
Conjure Explosive Arrow exevo con flam Conjure (...
Sheila18719.02.18 21:35:30
by Admin
Dl poi
Nie mozna wyjsc z Dl Poi niema Miejsca na line zeb...
Eli Stormstriker16819.02.18 21:33:01
by Admin
Blue djinn
Can't enter too blue djinn door bug......
Eli Stormstriker27715.02.18 21:51:02
by Admin
Parcel is broken
I SEND 15 bp explo 20 bp uh 20 bp mana fluid too A...
Eli Stormstriker16915.02.18 21:49:26
by Admin
If you drop something on the floor of your house a...
Sheila27714.02.18 20:08:14
by Admin

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